Pecking Order

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27 minute documentary

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Patty, Deb and the Animal Action Rescue Team illegally raid intensive farms in their fight for all animals at the bottom of the pecking order.

Background Notes:

We were initially drawn to the subject of animal liberation because it represented a passionate and politically marginalised voice. Whilst we are personnally sympathetic to the animal rights movement we are not animal liberationists. Our aim was not so much to explore animal liberationist's cause but rather the nature of their struggle.

We were ultimately driven to tell Patty and Deb's stories because we found them to be impressive women. Their sheer dedication and passion in the face of outlandish adversity is inspirational. As subjects, Patty and Deb have much at stake and strong personal histories which makes them compelling to analyse and observe. ( A longer documentary would do better justice to their complex personal histories). They interact well together and often engage in debate as both are articulate and emotionally expressive. Patty and Deb's practise of raiding farms in the middle of the night offered intense visual potential. However, the nature of their illegal work proved difficult for the film-makers who had obligations to the government subsidised investors. The issue of obtaining footage in a trespass situation proved a sticking point and hence little such footage was able to be included in the final program.

THE PECKING ORDER has been in development since the beginning of 1998. Kyla Brettle and Greg Spiller (Co-Directors) spent countless hours with Patty and Deb, talking with them, going on raids, filming scenes as part of their initial research. After teaming up with Producer, Cristina Pozzan, the team applied successfully to ABC TV and were offered a pre-sale in late 1998.

The program was filmed over a seven week period in early 1999 and was completed in October of the same year and first screened on ABC Television 13th June 2000.